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MaxDEA Basic

Free DEA software

MaxDEA Pro

Most powerful and professional DEA software

²  Free

²  Easy to use

²  No limitation on the number of DMUs

²  Powerful (Much more than CCR and BCC models)

·           Distance: Radial, non-radial(SBM), cost, revenue and profit models

·           Orientation: input-, output-, non-, and generalized orientation

·           Returns to scale: CRS, VRS, NIRS, NDRS and GRS

·           Scale Elasticity

²  All features of MaxDEA Basic

²  More powerful and professional

·           Most comprehensive DEA models and all their possible combinations. Models available in MaxDEA Pro…

·           Frontier plot and frontier shift plot for panel data (new feature of MaxDEA Pro 6.3)

²  What’s New in MaxDEA Pro 6


Software and Tutorial Video

Comparison of MaxDEA Basic and MaxDEA Pro

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Textbook on MaxDEA

(A book written in Chinese, the English version will be available in future)

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